What Makes ADN ePay The Best Payment Gateway Service Provider

ADN ePay is an emerging payment system solution provided by ADN group. ADN group is amongst the biggest telecom and technology service providers in Bangladesh. With this reputation, ADN ePay striding on the path of success. Right now there are too many payment gateway service providers are in the market, but features that helping This payment gateway service stand out in our market are our identity. These features are,

  1. Invoice Generator,
  2. Fraud Prevention,
  3. Dimension Security,
  4. Instant Notification,
  5. 24/7 Live Support,
  6. Easy Installation.

This payment gateway service is in compliance with PCI-DSS now. It is helping them to maintain a connection with all the major banks of Bangladesh as well as most of the mobile financial services providing companies. These elites trusting ADN ePay because of our security policy. The data privacy security system is one of our key features too. With the Mission is to create the most secure & convenient payment platform to enable anybody to send and receive payments over our online gateway. If you want to know more about our services, please visit our website, ADN ePay.

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