[:en]Let’s Take a Look at How to Make An Online Payment[:]


We talk a lot about how to choose a safe and secure online payment gateway and how to test and check them. Today I am going to talk about how to make a safe online payment or transaction. I am going to make it concise and put them into layman’s term.

1. First thing first, never share your credit card’s numbers to anyone or any application or any software without completely confirming it. Or, any other personal information for that matter. That includes your email, mailing address too.

2. Read the privacy policy, terms, and conditions. Read these at least twice before sharing banking issues.

3. If you face any trouble understanding the terms, conditions, and privacy policy or navigating through the software or application, try and avoid attempting trail and error your way through. It is just too risky to risk our banking issues.

4. Ask your family and friends for reviews. This one can put any unfamiliar payment system to the real test.

5. And, at last, but definitely not the least keep track of your online payments. Try to record and maintain an archive of every accurate detail of your online transactions.

Make your online payments only after checking all of these aforementioned points. We always try to abide by these simple rules. There are deeper and stronger security measurements. But these are the frown upon rules. Hope these points help you just like they have been helping me for ages. If you want to know more about secured online payment systems and services, please visit our website, ADN ePay.

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